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And then there were four…



Remember the twins?

I wish I could, for just fifteen minutes straight. My sterling twins are incredibly cute, but as previously mentionned, they are loud. Oh man, do they tweet from the top of their tiny, yet ultra powerful lungs! And they love my balcony with a passion.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I am a lovely bird host. They really couldn’t care less about me.

But Chéri and I provide a fair share of delicious food (judging by the amount of time they spend eating it). Luckily, just the other day, Mommy Sterling found a way to cut a chunk of suet that fell on the floor, allowing the twins to eat bits and pieces of it (relatively) quietly. (see picture above)

The next day, the choir was back. Full blast. 

It sounded like the whole starling community was having a meeting just outside my door.

And I caught this video of what was going on. The twins actually are quadruplets, and all four of them were hungry



I’m glad I only have a cat to feed. Freja can look grumpy all she wants. At least she doesn’t scream at me as if she was about to die from hunger. And there is no way I’m finger feeding her. She’s a big girl now.

Two thumbs up, Mommy Starling 😉

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