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Meet the twins!


For a year now, Chéri and I have been feeding the neighbourhood’s birds.

The word (or should I say the tweet?) has spread around like a bad covid variant, and we’ve had way more kinds of birds then we would have even hoped. Sparrows, cardinals, blue jays, tits, woodpeckers and many more that I haven’t identified so far…

We also have a couple of starlings, who are regulars, and yesterday, I had a little surprise waiting on the back balcony.

Two baby starlings showed up and started to (very loudly) call out for their parents to feed them.

The two feathered foghorns stayed all day begging for food, and suddenly it hit me.

How is it possible that the twins have learnt to fly (a little clumsily still, but come on… They know how to fly!), but they seem absolutely clueless about eating by themselves. They found our balcony, they obviously spotted the food (they get REALLY excited whenever either of their parents bring it to them), yet they just won’t take that step.

The suet they want is two feet away from them (to the most)… But nope!

I can’t help but think that it is as if you taught your child to drive, lent them your car and told them where to find the closest restaurant… And they’d call you from the parking lot in tears….

Moooooooooom! (and/or Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad)… COME QUICK! I’M STAAAAAAAAAARVING!!!!

Nature is odd sometimes.

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