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The light at the end of the tunnel…



Little Bro and I had an appointment tonight…

Probably one of the most memorable in our lives. A little over a year ago, scientists were saying that we’d probably have to wait for a year, maybe a year and a half, to have an effective vaccine to fight big bad covid-19 back.

And here we are.

Chéri got his first dose of Pfizer on Tuesday, and now Little Bro and I did so too. There was a two hour wait we didn’t expect (from what I heard in the crowd, the vaccines weren’t getting defrosted as quickly as required, causing the delay).

But the staff was so nice, and I so wanted to get my dose that it really didn’t matter.

I was very emotional when Jim, my vaccinator (is that even a word?) stuck his needle in my shoulder. And should I mention, it didn’t even sting. Had he not pinched my arm a little before aiming, I wouldn’t have noticed the needle.

And even though we were greatly delayed, I made it back home by 9h28 PM, which is just two minutes before our curfew.

Now we’re just waiting for the second dose.

Then, normal should slowly set back into place. Hopefully.




19 thoughts on “The light at the end of the tunnel…

    1. I remember when our government was talking about a couple of weeks of lockdown… How naive of all of us! LOL I have a feeling that once we’ve finally tamed this virus, there will be a worldwide party vibe for a while 😉 Can’t wait to see that happening. In the meanwhile, stay well and safe 🙂 xx

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    1. Woot woot, good news there, Gorgeous 🙂 It feels great to see people announcing that they have had their dose, or at least their appointment! It is the only way to show this virus the way out of our lives… I can’t wait to know that you and T don’t have to worry about it anymore 😉 xx


    1. Thank you, Cheryl 🙂 Did your children and grand children get the chance to get vaccinated too? (crossing fingers) I wasn’t afraid of needles, but I must say that the clips they showed in the tv news seemed a little long. Glad to testify that I’ve had much worse mosquito bites 😛 *Big hugs*


  1. so glad you got your first. George and I are both fully vaccinated, but still taking precautions. too many trump-supporters and vaccine-deniers here in town for us to assume safety when gadding about. I’ll be glad when they all wake up (if they ever do) so life will go back to “normal” here. Love ya!

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    1. Sooo happy to know that both of you got your two doses!! But you are right, we won’t be out of the woods just yet. On May 1rst, there was a huge (around 30,000 people) protest march in Montréal’s streets. People from all around the province that were whining about having to wear masks, anti-vaccines, and mocking the distanciation. In the end, two of the 48 people busses that went back to their region had people that tested positive when they got back home. And the guy who planned the event is now hospitalized. I hope the man will be fine, and I really hope he’ll change his speach on social medias… Love you too, dear Madame Suze 🙂 xxx

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