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Miracle Montreal…

If you live in the great Montreal area, please check this out!

I wish I had heard about Miracle Montreal earlier… But I just caught it on the news this morning, and I hope I’ll get at least one other person to join in!

Miracle Montreal is an organization that gathers non perishable goods to distribute to people in need. The first edition took place on September 13 of 2020. And they are doing it again today.

The beauty of Miracle Montreal, is that you don’t even have to get out of your house to participate. All you have to do is put together a couple of non perishable goods, and leave them on your doorstep.

Just like this:


Starting at 10 am (just about now), an army of over 1500 volunteers will walk every street of the great Montreal area, to pick up the goods. The food is then distributed through the different charities providing groceries to the families in need.

That’s it. You spend two minutes of your life, and help put food on somebody else’s table!

Could it be easier? I doubt it.

Here’s a video from Miracle Montreal, if you want more information… And you can visit their official website here.

2 thoughts on “Miracle Montreal…

    1. I think so too.. But the news were not really bright, covering the subject only today. If they had talked about it yesterday, it would have given people who didn’t know about the organization (like me) time to spread the word more… Hmmm.

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