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Picture Battle – Melanie B Cee vs The Bluebird of Bitterness vs Cyra vs Madame Suze


War is still on…

Last Saturday, Bluebird of Bitterness started it, with the the cat shaming edition of the Caturday Funnies. I would have let it go, but then something happened. Melanie B Cee fought back with her post Dogs deserve equal footing. I then replied with my bird shaming post

Madame Suze jumped in, and offered us her bunny take on the shaming battle. And as much as I love Suze, I just couldn’t let her win. So I gave it another go, with my horse shaming post. Quickly followed by Suze’s hedgehogs take, and Melanie’s all stars post.

And what now, you might wonder? Well, I’m sure not going to give in! And I had a flash… My brother once had a ferret, and these cute furry slinkies are sneaky animals. There had to be good shaming pictures of them on The Internet!

So, after the cat shaming, the dog shaming, the bird shaming, the bunny shaming, horse shaming, hedgehog shaming and a-mix-of-different-creatures shaming, let me present…



Ferret shaming! Tadaaaaaah!



















Feel free to engage in the battle too… I am sure there is still plenty of shaming left on The Internets! Just let me know if you do join in, though… I really would like to see your post!



14 thoughts on “Picture Battle – Melanie B Cee vs The Bluebird of Bitterness vs Cyra vs Madame Suze

    1. Ferrets have thief’s genes for sure… My brother found all kinds of small objects in every corner of his apartment when he moved. LOL But they are sooooooo very cute and playfull!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I laughed uproariously, scaring Ziggy who came to inquire what was wrong and stayed to eat half my breakfast muffin. I’ll be sending y’all the vet bill when he yells at me because Ziggy weighs too much! 😉 mwahahaha!!

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    1. LOOOOOOOOL. Well, I guess I won’t reply and give victory to Suze, because there are just so many vet bills I can afford 😛 This was a very fun battle, though. I’ll keep an eye on Bluebird of Bitterness to start a new fight when I get a chance 😛


  2. These just keep getting better and better! I wish there was one that said, “I chew on my human’s tendons”–you’ll have to read my post today to find out why. Great minds think alike…


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