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Picture Battle – Melanie B Cee vs The Bluebird of Bitterness vs Cyra


It’s been a while, since I last engaged in a picture battle. But sometimes, people just ask for it, and when it happens, I just jump in right away!

So, this morning, Bluebird of Bitterness started it, with the the cat shaming edition of the Caturday Funnies. I would have let it go, but then something happened. Melanie B Cee fought back with her post Dogs deserve equal footing.

What was I to do?

Just sit in the living room, and not mind the obvious invitation to join the battle? I think not!

So, after the cat shaming, and the dog shaming, let me present…



Birds-of-all-kinds shaming! Tadaaaaaah!


















Feel free to engage in the battle too… I am sure there is still plenty of shaming left on The Internets! Just let me know if you do join in, though… I really would like to see your post!



21 thoughts on “Picture Battle – Melanie B Cee vs The Bluebird of Bitterness vs Cyra

    1. LOL, We did have a small parrot when I lived in Guinea, and it had quite a temper… I think that most people don’t expect that, but these birds can have strong personalities 😉

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    1. Indeed… Mouahahahahahahaha. I couldn’t resist adding my post after seeing yours and Bluebird of Bitterness’ 😉 It was fun searching for these pictures! Thank you for challenging me, even if it wasn’t intended 😛

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      1. My absolute pleasure!! Suze got on the train too, with epic “bunny shames” …. bwahahah! Now, all we need is Ashleyleia to find some guinea pig shames and the zoo is on its way to being fully complete!

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    1. LOL I’m with you… And I do feel for the owner of that keyboard too. I would really get annoyed if Freja managed to scrap my tablet’s keyboard like that, overnight 😛

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