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Little walk downtown…


Like many major cities, Montréal’s heart is largely tatooed. Local artists have inked in their names in every corner of the metropolis.

What does make a difference here, compared to other large cities I’ve visited, is that instead of fighting taggers relentlessly, authorities and businesses have decided to work hand in hand with some of these artists to give us bigger than life murals all around town.

Of course, some (usually) poorer areas still get their load of spray canned tags… But in most cases, the more basic graffiti have given place to real street art.

This time of year is not the best to go picture-hunting, but here are a couple of examples, from recent walks downtown.




Do you have street art, where you live too?

12 thoughts on “Little walk downtown…

    1. 🙂 It makes otherwise grey-ish neighbourhoods much more fun and inviting. I hope I’ll be able to go downtown more safely this summer… I’ll hunt our best murals and post them if I’m that lucky. We have a huge one of Leonard Cohen I haven’t seen for myself just yet. *Fingers crossed*

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  1. Wow! The last pic is my favorite of this series. Beautiful artwork and so detailed. I’m not aware of such art in Arlington, TX, but when we lived in San Diego, there was a lot of it in the barrios and under some freeway overpasses. People tried to get it removed many times, but it was finally preserved by the city council. Don’t know if it is still there or not – haven’t been there in almost 16 years. I can agree with giving the artists space to work rather than fighting with them all the time. As long as it is art and not just “gang tags” and such to mark territory, I see no problem with it.

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    1. I totally agree, Hokey. I hope more cities will work with the artists instead of chasing them around… I, too, prefer a great art piece rather than rushed tags just to make a statement. And I have a feeling that giving the right to these people to work in broad daylight, with no rush, gives them the chance to show their true talents.

      That last picture is one of the masterpieces murals of Montréal… ”Notre Dame de Grâce” (Our Lady Grace). It is the picture I took for Suzanne’s presentation, a couple of weeks back. My favorite aswell… Until I go check out Leonard Cohen’s portrait covering the side of a tall downtown building. Definately on my to-do list this summer, if dang covid allows me.


  2. We have one mural in town that depicts what Main Street use to look like. And we are still a relatively ‘new’ city so tagging/street art is not really here at all.
    I walked down our Main Street yesterday and ran errands. My apartment is five minutes from each of the stops I wanted to make. But given I hit all of them and did not speed walk my outing was about an hour and a bit all together. It was a gorgeous day to go walking. 🙂


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