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Chéri is not the best at surprising me.

He is excellent at finding amazing gifts, but as soon as he orders something, he gets a terrible urge to tell me. Then, even if I tell him that I’d rather wait for the surprise, than letting him tell me what he bought, he’ll give me ”clues” like where it is coming from, or less subtle details…

But today, when the delivery man rang at the door, Chéri told me there was a surprise in the package!

A crystal ball! Yay!!

I know it is intended as a photography tool to make amazing pictures, but I still think I can find some information on The Internets, to turn it into a magic prediction maker . If you want to know what the future holds, just let me know… As soon as I master the art of reading this cool thing, I’ll get in touch with you.


Oh, and two thumbs up for the surprise! Well done Chéri! Very well done…

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