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If you are a regular of The Cove, you know that I live in Freezingland. If you are not, now you know too!

I sometimes get the feeling that people think I overdramatize when it comes to our winter weather… Well, to prove myself right, I thought I’d share with you all the above screenshot of yesterday’s weather forecast on the news.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Celsius degrees, this -176 C roughly translates into -285 F. If that’s not cold enough to deserve the nickname ”Freezingland”, I wonder what would?

And if anyone’s still not that impressed, try to keep in mind that the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth (so far), was -98 C (-145 F) in Antartica. And they didn’t even dare to send a person out there to get the reading, they used satellites to monitor the area.

So I just wanted to warn you all… If I seem weirdly quiet starting on Thursday, Google ”Biggest natural ice formation, ever”!

And just in case… It was a lot of fun, being a part of the Bloggosphere the last 5 years!

19 thoughts on “Chilly…

  1. What? Was something lost in translation with that low. I experienced -90 wind chill in Winnipeg once and I have no wish to ever live through that again. Best of luck with the freezing in Freezingland!

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    1. Hehehehehe, luckily, a news channel employee just didn’t do their jobs carefully enough. I love these mistakes, and Chรฉri always makes sure to point them out to me, when I don’t notice them myself. These typos always crack me up (yeah, I’m an easy crowd :P)


      1. Well, I have had to go out to work, but when my car wouldnโ€™t start, even when plugged in, my husband has had to drive me. Thanks for the warm hugs, and same to you in not-so-cold-freezingland!


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