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If you are a regular of The Cove, you know that I live in Freezingland. If you are not, now you know too!

I sometimes get the feeling that people think I overdramatize when it comes to our winter weather… Well, to prove myself right, I thought I’d share with you all the above screenshot of yesterday’s weather forecast on the news.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Celsius degrees, this -176 C roughly translates into -285 F. If that’s not cold enough to deserve the nickname ”Freezingland”, I wonder what would?

And if anyone’s still not that impressed, try to keep in mind that the coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth (so far), was -98 C (-145 F) in Antartica. And they didn’t even dare to send a person out there to get the reading, they used satellites to monitor the area.

So I just wanted to warn you all… If I seem weirdly quiet starting on Thursday, Google ”Biggest natural ice formation, ever”!

And just in case… It was a lot of fun, being a part of the Bloggosphere the last 5 years!

19 thoughts on “Chilly…

  1. What? Was something lost in translation with that low. I experienced -90 wind chill in Winnipeg once and I have no wish to ever live through that again. Best of luck with the freezing in Freezingland!

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    1. Hehehehehe, luckily, a news channel employee just didn’t do their jobs carefully enough. I love these mistakes, and ChΓ©ri always makes sure to point them out to me, when I don’t notice them myself. These typos always crack me up (yeah, I’m an easy crowd :P)


      1. Well, I have had to go out to work, but when my car wouldn’t start, even when plugged in, my husband has had to drive me. Thanks for the warm hugs, and same to you in not-so-cold-freezingland!


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