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Random Danish memories…



Tonight, I am pissed.

I could rant about it, but I don’t see the point in that. We all have things to complain about. Especially in 2020. This year surely has robbed us of many precious things that are now lacking our lives.

Social gatherings of all kinds… (Real) Hugs and kisses. Many of us lost our jobs. Some are losing their sanity…

When I feel down, I scroll through my picture gallery, and reconnect with random memories. The picture above might not be very pretty at first sight, but it is a little cheese store in Copenhagen that I visited each time I traveled to Vikingland.

Osten Ved Kultorvet is small in size but it is one of my must-go places when I go to Denmark.

Before my first trip, in 2016, I had seen a foodie tv show about the shop. Michael, the owner, really seemed to be the very soul of the business. So when I set foot in Denmark, I rushed to visit the boutique.

I remember when I entered the room. Michael stood behind the counter, all smiles. After shortly explaining where I came from, and how I got to know about Osten Ved Kultorvet, he invited me to taste a couple of fine Danish cheeses.

Michael gave me a crash course, offering samples of said cheeses to taste and I fell in love. Not in love Love. But Still.

Danes have God Dang cheeses… And if you want to taste the best, Osten Ved Kultorvet is the place to go. 


P.S. Try the Viking blue, and the Fyrmester. Please do.

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