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Jack… – FFFC


She entered her apartment, pushed the door closed and locked it.

Home sweet home!

There was no better feeling than coming back to her little cozy nest, after a long day of working.

Still carrying her big kaki duffle bag over her shoulder, she threw the keys on the coffee table on her way to the bedroom. After closing the blinds, she kneeled and pushed the heavy pouch under the bed.

She undressed, only keeping her panties and boots on, and went searching for her most comfortable loose t-shirt.

Her belly grunted, but she walked passed the kitchen going straight to the bar. She grabbed a bottle of whisky and a glass and headed to her desk. Sitting comfortably, she turned the computer on.

There were, as usual too many emails pending to read… Mostly spam. She quickly scrolled, and erased the vast majority only keeping a couple. Among them, his next assignment.

She couldn’t care less.

Tomorrow was still far ahead. Instead of clicking to know what they expected from her, she closed Outlook.

She poured herself a tall glass of whisky and stretched to grab her pack of cigarettes on the coffee table. Lighting herself, she breathed in a long puff, stretching her booted legs on the side of the desk.

The whisky warmed her throat nicely.

She scrolled through the romantic comedies on Netflix. She didn’t know what to pick to fit her evening.

Tomorrow would come soon enough. And she would go out again to kill a vile person. It wasn’t personal, a job was a job, right?

She sipped once more on her drink.

Jack, dear Jack, you so make me go throug the day,,,

She clicked on the screen and selected a romantic series. Her bookers wouldn’t have guesses she had a soft heart.

Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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