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Été Indien…



I think we had all given up the idea of having an Indian summer this year… I don’t remember ever experiencing one in November before. But this weekend, the temperature rose back close to 20 degrees Celsius (68 F) and the weather should stay that way for about a week.

We’ll take every minute of it. 

Because when it’s over, we’ll get a clear reminder of why I call Québec Freezingland….

4 thoughts on “Été Indien…

    1. It might be that it is a little late here, and that I am a little tired. (that wouldn’t be surprising) But I have a feeling you are not familiar with ”our” Indian summers. Basically, it is when after the first days of temperatures under freezing point, we get a week of summer-like temperature. And they are always very welcomed 😉 Hope you’re doing well… It’s always really nice to hear from you, good Sir 🙂 xx


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