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Uh oh…




He couldn’t believe his luck, for finding this crack in the rock, just barely wide enough to squeeze himself to safety.

For the moment, at least.

His whole body shook uncontrollably. It seemed like fear was nibbling on every one of his nerves. He wished he would pass out. But he needed to stay aware, if he wanted to live.

If he wanted to leave…

It had been a bad idea, after visiting all kinds of eras and realms, to choose this time and place for their next trip. He wished he could blame Phillip, but after seeing him being ripped apart by one of the beasts, just feet away from where he was hiding, he forgave his friends.

A thundering growl resonated in the night. Followed by a dozen more, answering the call from afar. 

This wasn’t the land of Dragonheart. This was Hell, and the Devil was coming for him, now. 

From his lair, he heard the beast scratching the rocks with its huge claws, looking for the snack that had run away minutes earlier. Peeking through the stone opening, he could see several other dragons flying in circles, in the full moon’s bright glow.

There was only one way out. The same that had gotten him there. 

Praying that his legs wouldn’t let him down, he sprinted toward the Tardis. But reading his mind, the beast in scales blew a blast of fire on the time machine, burning his last hopes to ashes.

Uh oh… He thought. 


This short fiction is a ”practice” for November’s NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge, using the one and only, and absolutely fabulous Trina’s prompts: Horror / Dragon / Tardis.  


5 thoughts on “Uh oh…

    1. Thank you ❤❤❤ In all honesty, this one almost gave me as much of a challenge as the log rolling one… But go ahead, and hit me with a harder set of prompts! I want to be well trained for the NYC Midnight challenge 😉 xx

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