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Dumpster diving…



It was Tom’s first night out, dumpster diving.

Victoria had strongly objected, when he had first brought up the idea… ”Who wants to eat trash??” She argued. But them both being out of work gave his plan the advantage.

Tom had studied the subject, he sure wasn’t the first one to decide to benefit from what restaurants and grocery stores threw out. You just had to find the right spots, figure the right time to visit them… And never share your secrets with other dumpster diggers, of course!

He had dressed as a black ninja, picked bags and a flashlight and had kissed his doubtful wife before leaving the apartment, just after midnight. 

The first dumpsters were disappointing, to say the least. A couple of cookie packages, and a piece of questionnable cheese. Nothing to impress Victoria with. 

His last stop was in the backstreet behind the local hypermarket. There were many dumpsters, all beyond full. He tossed and turned the bags and boxes, until his eyes lit up.

Fresh fruit of all kinds appeared when he pushed a broken rack aside. Not thinking twice, Tom grabed them all, rushing before anybody else would come to claim his loot. 

Running back home, Tom entered the room as a hero. He opened his bag exposing his first treasure. A sleepy Victoria dug in, picking an apple, an orange then a banana…

Really, Hon? – holding a pear in her hand – You know these are artificial fruit, right?

No victory yet.


This short fiction is a ”practice” for November’s NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge, using one of the NYC Midnight Challenges previous prompts: Comedy / Looking through garbage / Artificial.  


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