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It had been quite a journey… From that first thought of ruling the world to conquering countries one by one, relentlessly.

She had started small. Anonymously building her strategic web from the comfort of her home, hiding under the cover of her apparently normal family life.  

Soon, she had minions all over the planet, just waiting for the sign that everything was set for her final coup. And it had been epic. Her army had risen at once, taking the world by surprise, making even the worst rebels kneel before her.

Facing her people for the first time, she waved at the men and women gathered just under her balcony.

Trina! Trina! Trina! Trina…

The crowd chanted, welcoming it’s new leader, and she took a step forward to speak up…

Just then, the cat jumped across the bed, stomping hard on her stomach, waking her up abruptly.

Asshole, she grunted.


This short fiction is a ”practice” for November’s NYC Midnight 250 word Microfiction Challenge, using Trina’s prompts: Adventure / Taking over the world / Trina. Thank you, Fab! 




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