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Just thinking…


Today is Miss Freja’s birthday.

Our now five years old furball made sure to remind me of that all day by spending all of her time napping somewhere I couldn’t not see her. I was jealous. I too wanted to curl up in an oddly comfortable corner of the apartment, and just drift to dreamland.

All day.

I wish life was a karmic boomerang.

You adopt a pet and care for it kindly for, let’s say, ten or fifteen years. You work hard to provide a comfortable home, daily entertainment and of course, their favorite food and treats… Lots of treats.

You pat them a lot (or as little as possible, if we’re talking about Freja), play with them (when they want to) and spoil them rotten.

And then the roles get switched. And you get the same number of years of delightful leisure.

The opposite would also be true, and lousy pet-parents would live long years of torture after being neglectful, which would probably teach them a lesson…

Yes, I’d definately vote for that. Wouldn’t you?

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