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No Skypy Sunday…

Happy Sunday Lovelies,

As you might know, due to recent work schedule changes, I’ve moved my weekly Skypy sessions to Friday nights.

I hope you’ll tag along, because it is always so nice to catch up with you ”live”!

As for today, I am getting ready to go to the Montréal Biodôme, an indoor zoo. It will be my first non-essential activity since the beginning of this pandemic (apart from our weekend at the chalet back in June), and the first time I’ll get to see my little brother in five months.

Exciting and stressfull at the same time, especially since today Montréal will switch from ”yellow” to ”orange” level on the covid-19 risk scale.

We’ll be carefull, but it should be fun! I’ll bring back pictures to share for sure!

25 thoughts on “No Skypy Sunday…

    1. We did… It was a bit awkward though. Because there were a lot of people not really concerned with covid-19 (to say the least). First non essential trip out of the apartment, and the last for a couple of months, if you asked me. Unless Mads Mikkelsen is involved. We’ll see 😉 xx


    1. Lovely to meet another Montréal blogger 🙂 I’ll check out your blog for sure! I agree that things were worse in March-May, but the numbers are so bad lately, I am worried we are entering the second wave big time. *Fingers crossed* for that.

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  1. I’ve skipped a Skypey Sunday
    I’m always running late
    But here, of course, it’s Monday
    A completely different date
    I hope you had a Funday
    With every other friend
    I’ll try to get there Oneday
    But for now it’s love I send

    But wait! Not late? You changed the date?
    To several days before?
    I can’t pretend to comprehend
    My diary any more
    Or is this straight. You’ve made us wait
    Till Friday afternoon?
    So I wasn’t absent after all
    I was several days too soon

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