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After Eight Moments…



He loves me…
He loves me
I try hard
Not to care
In the end
If he leaves me out
To dry,
Never , from my lips
Will you hear a

If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.

Description for the visually impaired; Close up on one of my last summer flower pictures.

5 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

  1. An unworthy response. But, you know, I’m old and tired.

    Waiting. Waiting
    Every hour
    Picking petals
    Off the flower
    Does she love me?
    Love me not?
    Is she delayed?
    Has she forgot?
    Is she what
    She seems to be?
    Is she what
    I think I see?
    Should I dream
    Of love forever?
    Or put the flower
    Back together?

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    1. I’m always grateful for these little gems… Please let me judge what they’re worth 😉

      You say
      You’re old,
      I’d rather say
      Just more
      Experienced, and
      Certainly much,
      Much wiser…
      I’ll give you
      For this was
      A very long winter,
      But hold on
      Dear friend!
      I’m sending you
      My summer…


  2. Edging closer
    To the end
    If there’s warmer days
    Feel free to send
    Them to me
    On a passing breeze
    And know that there is nothing
    That would please
    Me more than
    Your hot breath
    Upon my skin
    To ease
    Me on my way
    To death
    Lose or win
    Or come what may
    Just another day
    To dream of you
    Your cloudless sky
    To dream of all
    Those days gone by


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