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Lunch time!



Noon is always a busy time Chez Cyranny. But when it’s raining, it seems like the whole sparrow community agrees that it the place to be. (When I took the picture, there were about twenty more little fellows on the balcony itself)

I am kind of worried for my feathery friends.

We first hung the bird feeder at the beginning of April, mainly for Freja’s entertainment. I can’t believe it took me almost five months before finally wondering what all these birds did all day long.

Of course in springtime, they must be quite busy finding the perfect spot and nest building. Then there’s a certain time spent egg-watching. And babies hatch, and they need frequent feeding. Finally, teaching flying skill is obviously time consuming for a while.

But now…?

Aside from food-seeking, what do birds have on their schedule? They don’t watch tv, or read books, and they definately don’t blog. They don’t go to the movies, or attend shows (then again, we don’t do that anymore either).

So what do they do, if we provide them with all the food they wish for? I am fearing one of two things; they might

  1. snack all day long, get really fat and lose the ability to fly. Or get stronger wings, and eat even more, and become extra large sparrows, cardinals and woodpeckers…
  2. or use all the extra time to plot some Machiavellian plan to take over the world. I’m thinking about a very Hitchcockesque finale.


Either way, it is scary.

13 thoughts on “Lunch time!

  1. My wife calls me Saint Francis of Assisi because I take such good care of the birds and squirrels. I even saved a hornet from drowning in our bird bath, and I hate hornets! (I think that should give me a pass on every being stung by a wasp. We’ll see.

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    1. I hope the word will spread in the hornets’ community πŸ˜‰

      I wonder why we didn’t think about trying the bird feeding thing before… It is so entertaining! I even have a cardinal couple that comes on our back balcony when I whistle to tell them that we filled their feeder. It amazes me every time πŸ™‚

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    1. We probably got lucky with our choice of seed mix πŸ˜‰ My bet is that ChΓ©ri’s devotion to keeping the feeder full from dawn to sunset has something to do with our popularity! Freja sure can’t complain, she has more entertainment than she would have wished for! LOL

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  2. We have a wide variety of birds at our feeder and chipmunks and squirrels picking up what they drop. Over the years none of them , and I mean NONE ever got fat or morphed into larger more savage birds or rodents. You fears are unwarranted. Just sayin’ πŸ˜€

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