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Touch me…


Touch me
Dare to be bold,
Let’s stand together
Outside the mold…
Normal is boring
Wouldn’t you say so?
There’s just one thing
I need to know…
If I let you, naively
Caress me there
If I let you make me
Believe that you care…
Will you strum
My heartstrings kindly,
Or will you,
Use, and just let me be?

4 thoughts on “Touch me…

  1. Let me touch you in places
    That we’ve never been
    Let me leave little traces
    On what can’t be seen
    Let more than my finger
    Linger long in your mind
    Let us look deep inside you
    And see what we find
    Let me study you closely
    Every line on your map
    Let the touch of our thought
    Find us caught in a trap
    Let me in. Let me hold you
    Enfold you within
    You have listened too long
    To my song. Let’s begin


  2. Best not let Kate see that … she will find some unintended sexual undertone in there somewhere. But I just read it and realised that I rushed the end (is that another sexual undertone???)

    The last four lines maybe should be …

    Let me hold you forever
    Together, in sin
    On each other depend
    At the end, we begin


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