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Nombril de semaine…



Happy Wednesday, Lovelies!

It’s been a while, I know… But better late than never, right? For those of you who wouldn’t have known The Cove for a while, my ”Nombril de semaine” posts are dedicated to sharing links so you can discover new bloggers that you might not know about.

Just over two weeks ago, a tragedy hit the very heart of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Two major explosions destroyed the city.

I was surprised that most people I talked about it with weren’t aware of how bad things were in Beirut. So here are a few numbers, to put these terrible events in perspective;

  • Somewhere between 30 to 40 people still missing, to this day.
  • At least 177 deaths
  • Over 6500 injured people
  • And some 300,000 homeless people!

I read somewhere that the blast was considered to be the third largest explosion in human history, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (!!)

Note that the country was already unstable economically, dealing with a corrupted government and you might have heard about something called covid-19?

So it kind of appals me that we don’t hear about Lebanon at all, in the news, just two weeks after the drama started.

That’s why I wanted this ”Nombril de semaine” to be for and about Lebanese bloggers.

First, is my virtual little sister, Saraa. As I explained in a previous post, she is doing ”well” (given the circumstances) and safe. I can’t begin to imagine what the young people like her will have to go through, to rebuild what was destroyed in a couple of seconds. If you’d like to send warm thoughts, or just enjoy the inspiring words of the young lady, you can visit her blog, It’s me Saraa.

I just discovered Lebanese Lily, and I read her whole blog today. Lily has started it to let the world know about the Lebanese’s reality since the explosions, day by day. If you want to see how Lily lives through the aftershock, visit her blog, Rebuilding Beirut, Lily is a young teacher, and beautifully pens the pain, the fears and the hopes of Beirut’s residents… You can find the first post of her blog here.

If you too have been touched by the recent events, and you want to help, even in a modest way, here is the link to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Do you know Lebanese bloggers too? If so, please share a link to their blogs in the comments below!!



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