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Pisces… Does it fit me?



I never really cared for astrology.

Of course, as a teenager I did go straight to it when I got my monthly teen magazine, hoping for exciting news about my love life. It did promise me much happiness I never ended up experiencing… So after getting disappointed over and over and over again, I just forgot about it.

Today’s challenge is about finding out if my character fits with my astrological sign, pisces. So I did a little research, and I found an article called;


Why pisces is the most difficult sign to understand?

Pisces have an imaginative, emotional disposition, and often keep their thoughts well-hidden from the world. They are gentle, loving, caring folks who have a heart of gold, but can easily get trapped by their own conflicting emotions and thoughts. They live inside their heads a lot and love to escape reality, since they have such a deep inner world to explore. Pisces are definitely the dreamers of the zodiac, and have a strong creative streak. However, they often feel misunderstood by the people around them, and can easily become depressed if they feel their voice isn’t being heard.Pisces have a lot to offer the world, and all of us could learn a lot from this highly intuitive sign, if we attempt to understand them.


So… does this description fit me? Well, here are the six criteria listed in the article, and my thoughts about them.


They keep to themselves a lot

I sure can relate to that. I think that I give the impression of a very open and outspoken girl, in person. But there is much more than what meets the eye. So much more. I don’t know why I keep so much to myself, but I just can’t help it. I sure love writing, but I am definately not an open book!


Pisces like to escape reality quite often

Oh my, yes! Life is running so fast, that I just need to sit back and take a trip to the back of my mind as often as I can. There, I can slow things down, and enjoy the stillness. Mingle with characters I’ve written about, or will in the future. Blocking the ”real life” craziness is just a way to preserve my sanity, or at least what’s left of it… Mouahahahahahahahaha


They want to get close to people, but feel afraid of getting hurt

Does this writer know me? Although, I think that a lot of people probably feel this way. It seems just natural to learn from past failed friendships and heartbreaks, and become more cautious about how getting close to someone new. It probably explains why I tend to let my guard down more, when I travel solo. I’m only passing by in these chance encounters’ lives, I don’t have to worrie about any potential ”back stabbing”.


They wear their heart on their sleeve

I do know how to hide my emotions, if needed. But I usually don’t do that. Especially when I am happy. My inner child is still very alive, so when I get excited about something, I let it show.


They need a lot of alone time

I lived by myself for about fifteen years, and I sometimes miss all the alone time that meant. I never regretted moving in with Chéri, though. But I do need time away from anybody else every now and then, and I am grateful that Chéri let’s me travel solo to enjoy time by myself.


They’re highly independent

I don’t know if I’d say ”highly” but I am independent. Early in my life I arranged to work to pay for my own things, and I never wanted to be with a man that would have taken care of all my needs. I do enjoy getting spoiled at times, but I wouldn’t want to have to rely on someone.


I guess I fit the pisces’ profile much more than I would’ve thought, but it won’t make me go back to astrology. I’m still holding a little bit of a teenage grudge.


What about you? What’s your astrological sign, and do you think you fit your sign’s profile? If you’d like to read Marquessa’s thoughts on the subject, click here.

8 thoughts on “Pisces… Does it fit me?

  1. I’m a Pisces too, what a day to read this! I needed some alone time to work, yet felt guilty because I wasn’t with my dad. I was very creative today, yet worrying all day because someone I thought I could count on let me down. I would say I have lots of acquaintances, but only two or three real friends, my husband being my soulmate. My gal pals know who they are and have been my best friends for years, yet they live so far we don’t see each other like we used to. I definitely feel misunderstood, I’m a dreamer who cares more for others than is healthy. So yeah, it fits me to a t!


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