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My guilty pleasure…



I can the eye-rolling from here.

What did you think? There is a reason why we call them guilty pleasures… If there was anything to be proud of, they’d be simple and totally sociably acceptable pleasures, wouldn’t you think?

I plead guilty to the charge of still liking the famous (and infamous) Kraft Cheez Whiz, at the age of fourty two.

I remember the good old days, when Cheez Whiz was considered a true cheese product. I am well aware that there probably isn’t anything dairy in the ingredients list. (no artificial flavour or colour?? I doubt it…) That was long before I developped an inconditional love for all bries, camemberts and blue cheeses from around the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t eat the (suspicious) orange stuff on a daily basis, but I do have a secret stash at all times. Because when I get a craving, nothing will get between me and my pot.

I just don’t tell my family and friends that Cheez Whiz is always available in our household. And I would appreciate it if you didn’t spread the word….


How about you? What’s your secret pleasure?

If you’d like to read about Marquessa’s guilty pleasure, click here.

11 thoughts on “My guilty pleasure…

  1. Chips and salsa or celery sticks filled with peanut butter. In the summer when we can get good tomatoes, I make peanut butter, iceberg lettuce and tomato sandwiches. I’m a country boy and got that from my grandma. There was always fresh veggies from her garden and that was a favorite of hers.

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    1. Funny you should mention celery sticks filled with peanut butter… It was a classic when I was a kid too, and we also ate Cheez Whiz with our celery. My mom did the same with apples… She’s cut them in halves, dig the seeds out and fill the hole with peanut butter or Cheez Whiz… The good old days 😉


    1. Whut?? Please tell me you knew about Cheez Whiz, at least. Otherwise I’ll have to believe that it is a Québec thing, and I am not ready for that. LOL

      Second thing… cashew nuts are unhealthy? Why? (I don’t eat them often, but I always considered them a healthy snack) At least, you won’t have to worry about me judging you, mouahahahahaha.

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      1. Oh, I know about Cheez Whiz–I’ve just never tried it. As a child, I had a very limited diet, and refused ANY kind of cheese at all. So while my brother was happily munching away on his celery sticks with Cheez Whiz, I was picking away at a peanut butter sandwich (no jam or jelly)!


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