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Too hot.



I have a feeling Mother Nature has decided to slow-cook Montréal.

This is our fourth 2020 heat wave. (I don’t care if they say it’s only 26 degrees Celscius outside today, when it offically feels like 37C, it counts!!)

I won’t complain (much). It is a beautiful summer, with lots of sunshine, and my balcony garden is doing exceptionnally well this year. I am pretty sure my basil plant can be spotted from space!

But I just can’t write anything worth reading with this heat.

My brain (or whatever’s left of it) is focused on creative ways to get cooled off. As I type this, I am thinking about the bath tub filled with ”cold” water, waiting for me…

If I ever go silent, please send the cops to my place. And tell them to bring a shovel… They might have to scoop up yours truly’s melted corpse.


6 thoughts on “Too hot.

  1. Picture made me laugh so hard. Lucky disappears into her cat tunnel at start of day and does not move until much later in the day. Or the boy opens can of food……But when I have brought fan into living room both cats are laying where the fan will get them…….Right now though they are stoned on cat nip. Looking forward to tomorrow. 🙂


  2. Last night was the first night in a week I actually needed a sheet to cover up while sleeping. It was a welcome change, after marinating in my own sweat for a week. Now we’re going to do it again this week for 8 straight days. Summer is going to be boiling lobsters in the water where they live, the way this heat is going.


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