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You have to be kiddin’ me!


Three months ago, when the governement sent most of us home with not the slighest idea when it’d be safe to get out again, I remember telling my little brother “Now that we’re in lockdown, I bet we’ll have the greatest summer EVER, weather-wise… Mark my words!”

And boy, was I right!!

June’s weather, in Montréal means an average of 20 degrees Celsius (about 68F) and 10 days of rain. This year, the temperatures have stuck in the high 20s, we only had 2 days of significant rain (which fell in the late evening or during the night) and we are having our second heatwave of the season.

Here, a heatwave is defined by having at least 3 days in a row, with temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius (about 86F). If we do reach 30C today, it will be our 8th day, sweating like pigs. ( I heard that pigs were thinking about using us as a reference from now on…)

Only God knows what July and August will bring us, but it would be surprising not to get something similar for the next 60 days or so.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.

I was watching tv this weekend, temperature at its highest, when I saw the following;



Now, talk about timing!!

I know that the Huggle people couldn’t guess there would be a heatwave last weekend, but one does not need to be a smartass NASA engineer to know that this will not be a bestseller in the middle of June, in the Northern hemisphere.

I mean… Try to sell me something that allows me to store summer heat, to use later when fall is setting in! Not Something that makes me sweat just looking at it!

Doesn’t Huggle Inc have the kind of people who get paid to tell movie theater chains to release cute Christmas and animation movies during the holidays, and romantic comedies around Valentine’s Day? If not, I could totally fill in for them! I would rock at telling them when to and not to air their ads, to make good money.

But don’t get me wrong. I like these “As seen on TV” commercials. For one thing, I love how they master the art of convincing us that we have problems we weren’t even aware of (or at least trying to). I loooove how over-dramatic they Always are about said problems. And you have to admit that this “There’s gotta be a better way” line is catchy!

And you might have noticed the poetic introduction. No? Let me show you…


Oh no! Another day,
Another chill…
But you don’t wanna
Raise your heating bill.
So you pile on the blankets,
But you just feel smothered…
And then when you get up,
Now, you’re not covered!


Brilliant, right? There would be much more to say about infomercials in general… (you can read more about my relationship with these ads, and how I found out that I was a super hero here) But let’s stick with the Huggle.

One of my first thoughts, after seeing the commercial, was that it reminded me of another essential to all people with coldness issues… Do you remember the Snuggie? The back-less fleece monk suit was very popular some years ago.



Now, if like me, you spend just a little too much time comparing the two ads, it gets a little suspicious…

Here again, we have the little dramatic poem to set the scene:


You wanna feel warm
When you’re feeling chilled
But you don’t wanna raise
Your heating bill!
Blankets are ok,
But they can slip and slide…
And when you need to reach for something
Your hands are trapped inside!


Feels familiar? Yeah, I thought so too. And I am pretty sure Snuggie Inc could easily sue Huggle Inc for plagiarism… I could list the hundred similarities, but I’ll just say that this is a bad case of ”copy-pasting”.

Did this little inquiry amuse me? Sure thing!

Did Huggle Inc get my credit card number? Not a chance in the world!! It’s too dang hot to stretch that far. Maybe if they had thrown in two magic reading lamps for free…


6 thoughts on “You have to be kiddin’ me!

  1. Madness! And how do they let an advert go on for that long?

    I used to live out in the sticks, and I noticed winter was much colder than in the city.
    Out there, I would have loved one of those…and a pair of Ugg boots.


  2. I can hear the desperate marketing staff gathered before the CEO.
    ‘Ah yes. But we are laying down a marker for the winter market now (gulp…tugging of collars and suit sleeves). It’s all about the long game y’see. These ads (tremble) would cost more in the winter….’


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