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You can thank me later…



I love cooking. But I get how some people prefer to keep out of the kitchen unless they absolutely need to get something on their plate. Cooking can be long and complicated, but sometimes, it just doesn’t have to!

And this is why I decided to share this recipe I just tried.


First, here’s what you’ll need:


– A pound of strawberries

– A pound of rhubarb

– A cup of sugar

– A small lemon

In a large pot, toss the cut fruit, sugar and lemon juice, and bring to a boil. Then let the mix simmer for about twenty minutes (stir often).


That’s it!   Tadaaaaaaaaaa! Just about 700 ml of perfectly yummy strawberry-rhubarb jam or compote. And if you don’t like it, it’ll mean that you are either a little dead inside, or you just have really bad relationship with Summer!


9 thoughts on “You can thank me later…

    1. I think it is one of the effects of lockdown, LOL I had never made jam before c-19. My first attempt with grape jam was nice, but this one is just soooo easy, and yummy that it is going into my cook book. I have a feeling that I’ll be making big batches, to give small jars to friends and family members!


      1. A wonderful gift that I am sure everyone would appreciate. I used to make up so many jams for fundraising events. Once I made over 130 jars of marmalade from donated fruit it was a mammoth effort but in the end I got it down to a fine art my favourite jam is Rosella jam which is made from a native Australian fruit. It has a lemony flavour. Second would be cloudberry- Scandinavian of course!

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      2. 130 jars?? W-O-W!! That’s a LOT of marmelade! No wonder you became a master 🙂 And now I’ll have to check for cloudberries… I wonder if I could find some here in Montréal. If so, I really have to try this Viking jam 🙂 What do cloudberries taste like? I’ve never tasted them…

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      3. Cloudberries are the absolute best berry – if you like berries. They cannot be cultivated and are collected from the wild. If there is not enough rainfall in Scandinavia, there will be very few cloudberries. They are like a raspberry in looks, only golden and sweeter, tangier and juicier, probably because they are organic – grow by nature. You might find it hard to get in Canada, but if you have an Ikea store, look for Hjortron sylt – Cloudberry jam. It is delicious on pancakes with sour cream.


  1. Thank you. I have so much rhubarb i no longer know what to do with it. So much rhubarb jam last year…this year maybe I’ll make rhubarb apple pie but the problem is that it’s so good, I’ll make too many! 🙂

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      1. Just apple and rhubarb. Bought one at Maxi (Farmer’s Market brand) a few years ago and it was quite tasty. Found a recipe online and made my own a few times. Yummy.


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