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This will be short.

We are all well aware of the recent ”Black Lives Matter” tsunami. Although the timing is less than perfect (social distancing and major protests aren’t very good friends, in my book) and the reason it started is absolutely revolting, I think that it is, after all, a good thing.

Racism is something vile and vicious that can’t be stopped with rules and laws… There needs to be a real change in the very mentality of those who judge, discriminate and hate only based on a skin color.

But here’s the thing. In my personal quest to find ways to proactively fight racism on a personal scale without having to attend big gatherings, I found out what every white person should do, for a start.

And that is to admit that all white people are racists.

I should also accept that I have nothing to be proud about my origins.

And, of course, I shouldn’t be talking about this, because this is not about us.

To be quite honest, I feel like I should be ashamed. Should I?

Maybe it’s the lockdown craziness speaking, the fact that we are going through the second heat wave of the year, or simply the hormones kicking in. (yes, I’m having my periods… Any problem with that???)

Don’t get me wrong… I am not thinking about things like having ”white pride”. But I feel awkward thinking that some people in my neighbourhood must be looking at me as this big bad supremacist, not knowing me the least bit.

Just because my skin is white.


P.S. I am really nervous about hitting the ”Publish” button. I am aware that this will most likely sound really bad. But I’ve been thinking about this too much, (not having anyone to discuss it with in person, thank you covid-19) not to take it off my chest. I just hope I won’t regret it.

14 thoughts on “White.

  1. I think Cranny that you’ve got the nail on the head. Not only white people but any race which is in majority in a community is racist to a degree.
    The tragedy of African Americans is that not only they were brought to US and other European countries as slaves, the so-called freedom from slavery wasn’t a real thing. They have been oppressed at so many levels that it would take a massive awakening of collective awareness to right this wrong.

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    1. I agree with Sadje..any race in majority to a community could be racist to a point.. we’re Filipinos and we are so racist to other nationalities who live in our country… and we put on pedestal those other nationalities whom we believe are higher grade than us! We are racist to ourselves as well!

      I used to work in a place where salaries are divided per region:
      A- American
      B- British, Europe, Canada, Australia
      C- Japanese, Korean, South Africa
      D- Middle East, Malaysia
      E- India, Philippines
      F- Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

      And our salaries are significantly different. Regardless of position, even if my position is higher than an American, HR explained, “but your position is higher but as Filipino” like it should make more sense to me…
      I was so shocked. Beyond words.

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      1. I have seen this in other countries too. The people who were once colonies of British have this mentality too. It’s probably decades of mental conditioning.

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  2. Firstly don’t be hesitate on publishing, you are encouraging debate amongst a trusted readership.
    People will always see differences in others, it’s human condition and a flaw. But we must remain compassionate. Firstly admit our own faults, forgive ourselves. Then we c


  3. The hubby is in much the same quandary, which is sometimes painful to witness though occasionally inspiring (He does a lot to help these causes, but never thinks it enough). I’m pretty sure guilt helps no-one, but this narrative is all too apt to inspire guilt in those of us with low self-esteem anyway. Personally, though I am in a sense relieved that collective action proved to still be possible under lockdown (I was terrified governments would take the chance to go full authoritarian and be unchallenged), my mental health has been fragile enough over lockdown, so I’ve tuned out as much as possible. There is little constructive I could do anyway, other than challenge racism if I should encounter it in real life.


  4. It’s shameful for all of us that this is a problem worth discussing at all. Stop looking at the outside and see what is inside and the problem will go away. That’s probably a naive way of looking at a complex problem, but I keep feeling that if we could shed our skins for a while we would all find a better way of solving a centuries old problem. And never be afraid to post something this difficult. We need to be reminded that we are all children of the same God, no matter what we call her, and my God is color blind.


  5. From all the words you have posted over the years, one thing without fail comes to light. You LOVE. I don’t believe you love just “some” people…but everyone you come ito contact with. I strongly doubt that anyone, at any time, would call you racist. We all of us are to a certain extent…..some are just more aware of their failings. Until all of us unabashedly look at our thoughts and feelings nothing will truly change. ..but with people like you in this world, we can have real hope of changes to come.


  6. Cyranny. Everyone is racist to some extent. People of color hating white people is in itself racist. No person are exempt from racism because they are darker than white. We all have some preconceived prejudices towards other people of different race, culture, color no matter how small. The thing is there are those who take their prejudices to a totally different level and actually act on it. And if someone is thinking that you are a racist because you are white, then guess what? They are being exactly what they are accusing you of.


  7. Very well spoken and honest. I’ve been doing some soul searching of my own and will post something very soon. I wanted to know how far back in time I could trace racism. What I found shocked me and to say the least, was disappointing. We, white people in general and clergy specifically, have had a huge role in racism and slavery.

    I also feel that nothing will change until we change our attitudes at home and teach our kids kindness and acceptance. Change must start at home. I don’t believe the human siul is born with hate – it is learned just like language.

    I know the feeling of trepidation over sending a post. I’ve been working on my project several days and have almost quit several times, feeling ashamed of what I was finding. But, we shouldn’t hide from our past. We need to talk about it openly if things are to change for the better.

    Thanks again for posting. God bless.


  8. I agree with all the posting and comments here. Like most things, the change begins at home, with us, as parents. Otherwise nothing will really change if we are not honest with ourselves. I’ve felt guilty about being white too.


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