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Surfin’ Paradise…



I don’t want to look like I’m praising myself, but I really like this photo, taken on Bondi Beach, in Australia. I love the mirror effect of the blue of the sea and the sky, and the whiteness of the clouds and the sand. I also love catching strangers without them knowing. To me, this shot catches the paradox that you can be quiet and relax snacking after your surfing session, or join the crowd and party in the turquoise waves…

While traveling through Oz, there were a couple of places I just had to see. Bondi was definately on my list, from the very beginning. But probably not for the reason you are thinking.

I love beaches, I love being by the water and I definately gave surfing lessons a thought (Chéri wasn’t game, and I didn’t want to leave him waiting while I had fun with my handsome instructor) but that’s not it.

Do you know Chris Brown? (I’m giving you a little minute to think… Please don’t Google him, that’s cheating!!)

Chris Brown is probably the most famous Australian vet, who was working in the Bondi area. The handsome pet doctor had a show that I started watching when we had Cissy (the kitten we had just before Freja came along).  Cissy was diagnosed with a very severe heart malformation just after we got her, and many more times than I dare to remember, I told Chéri ”If only we could get Cissy to Chris…”, thinking he would find a way to cure her.

What’s the link with surfers, and Bondi, you might wonder?

Watch the following Bondi Vet Theme…



Yup, that’s Bondi… And I walked that beach! Bucket list checked!


Via Friday Fun – Surf

8 thoughts on “Surfin’ Paradise…

    1. I wish you to visit Australia… It wasn’t on the top of my list until recently (it just seems like everybody in Québec dreams about Oz, and I am not the sheep type :P) But I fell in loooove with the country and its people. I am curious… What are the other two countries on your list? 🙂


  1. of course, think every aussie must know Chris Brown … he has been on heaps more tv shows since his vet series! And he sure is cute …

    Bondi was the first place I lived when I left home … brother and I shared a house with three kiwis – NZ folk! Chris and tourism have made it a trendy place since then 🙂 It was a real dive when we were teens 🙂

    So glad you got to do some of things you dreamt of on your visit … and awesomely upset we didn’t meet! But you did meet pops which would have been way more fun 🙂

    Thanks for joining in Cyranny, much appreciated ❤

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    1. Always a pleasure, dear friend.

      I still feel disapointed I didn’t get to meet you face to face. Our trip went by so fast. But Oz is on our top list (with Denmark LOL) for future trips, post covid-19. And I won’t leave without meeting you when that happens.

      I have a feeling Bondi must have been even more beautiful before the Dr Chris and tourism effect turned it into a more touristic spot… Wish I could have seen it in a little more natural way.

      *Huuuuge hugs*

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