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Random Danish memories…



I think I have a new bestfriend. She just doesn’t know it yet.

Last year, at this time, I was packing up to leave for Copenhagen… *Sigh* It was my fourth time traveling to Denmark, and my second solo trip there. I remember how very excited I was, and how free I felt, jumping from one train to the next, touring all around the country once again. May is by far my favorite time to visit Vikingland. The land is blooming, people are welcoming spring with open arms, and there are very little tourists.

Needless to say that I won’t be running through my oh so dear bright yellow rape fields, nor will I wander along my favorite cities’ streets this year.


And today I thought ”if only I could get my hands on a bottle of genuine Danish remoulade (if you’re not a regular in The Cove, and don’t know much about Denmark, remoulade is, in my opinion, Odin’s condiment gift to the Danes. And if you really, really aren’t familiar with Scandinavia, Odin is a god. LOL) then, I could go through this lockdown with a much lighter spirit.

Or… If I could get a bottle of Aalborg Akvavit, I could stop saving what’s left of the one I bought last year, and skål as much as I’d wish with Chéri. Anyone who knows the magic powers of akvavit is aware that it might be the secret cure to covid-19 related anxiety!

I missed Danish goodies so much. So I went to my dear friend, Google, and suddenly I jumped on my chair.

I found Louiza Sophie.

OMG. Louiza… Where have you been, all that time??

Louiza Sophie is a Danish woman who lived abroad (in Australia) for several years, and realized how people who really love Denmark miss Danish stuff when they can’t be there. And how difficult it was to get these things.

Yes… was.

Because she opened an online store offering to ship all kinds of Danish specialities worlwide. Yes, worldwide!

And to my knowledge, Montréal is within worldwide limits…

So, I’m calling out to my fellow Denmark lovers out there…  AmandaMrs Completely and any of you who crave Danish sweets and other treats from the great little country. The following website is offering to send (almost) anything Danish you miss to you door.

Ok, I haven’t tried ordering yet. But I am going to for sure.

And I’ll keep you posted.

But if you want to order pretty much anything Danish (because Louiza takes special requests) click here.












3 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. Cyranny, There’s a town in California called Solvang,  very quaint Danish town.  All artsy-fartsy, crafts and such.  It’s not your Denmark but it’s close for those in CA.   Good luck with your online ordering.

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