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After Eight Moments…



Today’s picture isn’t particularly pretty.

It doesn’t really matter. It is the story behind the picture that I wanted to remember. As you might know, we got locked in just after we got back from Australia. And in the short period of time before I started playing hermit, I didn’t get to see J (my best friend, if you’re not a regular of The Cove).

Because of that, I couldn’t give the souvenirs I had bought her in Oz. Which is a little sad, wouldn’t you say?

Well, not that sad, actually. You see, J is one of the big bosses of a cafés chain in Trois-Rivières (the city I come from) and since they had to close all their coffee shops because of the pandemic, they started delivering coffee products. We decided to support them and we ordered a selection of teas and coffee.

Little did I know that it was the big boss of the company that took care of deliveries in Montréal, and I had an idea.

I gathered all my yet-to-be-given gifts, and prepared a little bag. There’s a reusable koala coffee cup, a set of wooden coasters, a sign to put on J’s desk (not from Australia, I’m cheating… This is from Denmark – Tiger if you are a danophile too – Ughh, I LOVE Tiger) and the Christmas kangaroo is for J’s parents are absolutely crazy when it comes to Christmas decorations and ornaments… I just had to get them something.

Not shown on the picture are a tiny bottle filled with a little bit of sand from Bondi beach, and two danishes we got from a local bakery this morning.



We love to support local stores, but this was just too much for 2 stomachs 😛


When J’s boss comes knocking on our door tomorrow, I’ll ask him to bring my little gift bag back to her.

She has no idea this is coming… I’m so excited! I love this kind of surprises. Especially during lockdown.




If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here.



9 thoughts on “After Eight Moments…

    1. Me too!! I’d be super disappointed if my bag got lost along the way… But I’m pretty sure I’ll have news very very soon 🙂 Fingers crossed indeed!! *Big hugs* dear Suze xx


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