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Pump up the jam…

Warning: This post contains plain-looking pictures, I appologize in advance. 


Yesterday, Chéri reminded me of the kilogram of green grapes we had sitting in the fridge. We had ordered them a while ago, and although they hadn’t gone bad, they weren’t sexy enough to eat as is anymore.

I had to find something to do with them, and all I could think of was some kind of jam. But I had never cooked jam before. So I turned to my good ol’ friend, Google. For some reason, I thought that jam was tricky to make. My researches seemed to be proving me wrong, so I decided to give it a try…

First things first, here’s what you’ll need if you want to try my (partly improvised) ginger grape homemade jam!





  • A kilo of grapes
  • 2 1/2 cups of sugar
  • The juice of one lemon
  • 2 tea spoons of minced ginger


I usually cook with fresh lemons and ginger, but due to the pandemic I have to be more creative. If that’s also your case, you can subsitute your lemon with 3 table spoons of ”ReaLemon”.




Most of the recipes I had read started with ”Wash the grapes and put them in a large pot, cover with the sugar and let them macerate for about an hour”. By then, the sugar was supposed to be completely melted. I had my doubts…




As I suspected, the sugar wasn’t melted AT ALL, after one hour. My guess is that I should have cut the grapes in halves before pouring the sugar on them. It was obviously too late to try this.

(If you’re trying the recipe, you can either skip the previous step, or cut your grapes before covering them with the sugar and waiting for an hour)




I considered taking a sharp knive and poking the grapes randomly, but finally settled with using my potato masher to get a little juice out of them grapes.

(Note that this is a very good way to let off your lockdown stress!)




After an hour… Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!! That was more like it! Now I could move on to actually cooking this jam…




I added the lemon juice and the ginger and let the grapes simmer for about 40 minutes, giving a little stir every now and then. When it got this dark golden shade, I figured it was about to be ready, but I wasn’t happy with the texture of the whole grapes, so I used a mixer to make it look more like jam, instead of grapes swimming in jelly.

The trick here, is that as long as the jam is warm, it will stay liquid. So in order not to over cook it, you need to put a spoon of the mix on a plate, let it cool down, and judge if you like the texture…




This is what mine looked like once it cooled down. I was happy with it! (still am) If you’re not a big big big big big fan of ginger, I recommend using just one tea spoon of it. I love the punch it gives to my jam, and it cuts on the sweetness. But I know that some people would probably find the taste a little powerful.

(I just hope you didn’t follow step by step to find out now that you shouldn’t have put that much ginger in your recipe… If you did – Sorry!! And thank you for your blind trust… Who doesn’t read the recipe a couple of times before trying it??)




So there you go! You just need to transfer it into jars and find people to offer it to… Unless you are planning to eat a whole lot of jam (or if you put it in sterilized jars, and are able to keep it for a long time).

Bon appétit, Lovelies!


9 thoughts on “Pump up the jam…

  1. Did I misread garlic in the recipe?  Yikes!  I grew up with purple Concord grapes and we made juice and jelly.  But my favorite is just eating them off the vine.  I can picture you using that madher… watch out, Cheri!🤗😁

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    1. OMG thank you so much for pointing this out, Cheryl… It was ginger, not garlic (of course!!) Yuuuuck, as much as I love garlic, I wouldn’t put any in my jam LOOOOL.

      I’d like to say that this was a test, and that I was just checking if people really read my post, but it was a mistake… Good one, though, it gave me quite a laugh this morning 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahahahaha That sounds very spicy!! If I get my hands on jalapeno peppers, I’ll try it and let you if Chéri enjoyed it on his morning toasts 😛 Mouahahahahaha


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