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Is that… A plane???

I saw the following video online this morning, and for some reason, I just had to share it.

It happened last Thursday just outside Québec City, on highway 40. After experiencing some technical problems, a plane had to make an emergency landing.

At first, I was convinced this was a prank video. I’m so used to the news only being about covid-19, that anything not about the virus seemed fake. But I checked, and it’s all true.



Is it just me, or are people just too cool about what’s happening? I mean, wake up people!! That’s an airplane landing in the middle of trafic! Ok, I give it to you, a couple of cars have turned their hazard lights on. But still…

I guess it just takes much more than that to impress us, in Freezingland!

20 thoughts on “Is that… A plane???

    1. LOL, knowing how expensive the tickets are when you get caught using a cell phone while driving, I sure hope it wasn’t the case 😛 I couldn’t believe the lack of reaction!! Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction!


  1. wow!!! This is one of the wildest things I have ever seen! As I was watching I was like, “WHAT- they are all so calm about this?!” What a trip! Glad it looks like nobody was hurt. If I was in one of those cars I would have been pulling off the freeway in a second!

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    1. Hahahahaha I know, right?? I was convinced it was a hoax… Until I saw it on a serious channel on tv. I can only imagine the reaction of the pilot in the cabin ”Hey there dummies!! Get the dang out of the way!!”

      P.S. When you have a minute (I am sure that you are suuuuuuper busy at the moment, there is no rush at all for this) check your email… I sent you a little note last night 😉

      Sending you super big hugs, thank you for helping saving lives in these difficult times. Stay safe and well my dear friend!! xx

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      1. Exactly! Haha- so crazy!! I feel like nothing is out of the realm of possibility in the world we live in today.

        And I actually just read your email and messaged back ❤ Thank you tons and tons and tons! stay safe and well too 🙂

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