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Instant karma!



You don’t have to believe in it. It’ll just surprise you when you least expected it.

Isn’t it funny how we usually associate instant karma with something negative. We call for it when someone does something bad to us.

But when you think about it, there is no reason it shouldn’t go both ways, right? And you know what, it so happens that it does.

This morning, I had planned to make a special delivery to my coworker and friend living just next door. We had a bottle of white wine at home, and being more a red kind of girl, I figured she would enjoy it more than me. With Easter coming, and knowing that she’d have to ”celebrate” it on her own (she lives alone with her kitty), I thought it’d be a nice thing to surprise her.

I had already dressed up (AKA dropped my pajamas for the first time in days…) and was preparing to make a quick trip to her balcony and back, when the door rang. It was weird, because we didn’t have any delivery coming.

It was my landlord, and downstairs neighbour. When I opened the door, she took a couple of steps back, to make sure we respected the 6 feet distance, and handed me a bottle of red wine. She added that they wished us a happy Easter, and hoped all was well with Chéri and I. She also mentionned to let them know if we needed help of any kind.




I was speachless.

How nice of them! I know that here, in Montréal, because of the crisis, about 60 percent of the people didn’t pay their rent last week. Because they simply didn’t have the money, or as part of a movement that wants the governement to suspend rent-paying because of all that is going on…

Chéri and I still get our full wages, so I sent our landlords a quick email before the end of March to reassure them, and let them know they didn’t have to be worried about us paying or not.

Maybe the bottle had something to do with that. Nonetheless, it was a sweet gesture, and it almost made me forget my own project.




That’s my friend’s balcony (with all of her landlord’s stuff taking most of the place). And there’s my bottle with a little note wishing her a Happy Easter.

I sent her a message saying ”I think I spotted something on your balcony, you should check!”

You should pass the kindness on… It pays off!  Cheers!!

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