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Leaving the rain behind…



Or at least, trying to. After Friday and Saturday’s almost constant rain in Sydney, we were eager to see if other corners of Australia would be warmer and drier, hehehehe.

So, after waking up at 3 am, we hopped in a cab, straight to the airport.




Unfortunately, Sydney wasn’t going to let us go that easily.

As the plane was rolling on the tarmac, waiting to take off, the pilot suddenly made an announcement. Due to some computer issues, he had to stop the plane, and let it be towed back to the gate, to have engineers check things up.

We had to wait for a long while, before getting told we had to change planes. Of course the replacement plane wasn’t ready to fly, so we left Sydney a good 3 hours late.

As they say, better late than never. And definately, better late than crashed up following a computer failure just after take off!!

After meeting our host, and dropping our bags at the apartment we are renting, our first stop was at Queen Victoria Market. The local market doesn’t only bring together farmers fast food stands of all kinds. You can also shop for clothes, beauty products and souvenirs (+++).




I bought myself a scarf matching my purse… Because I can sometimes be a little girly like that (don’t act so surprised!!), some new patches for my backpack and a gift for little bro. It was already the middle of the afternoon when we left the market, so we grabbed some goodies to nibble on (I had only had a cheap sandwich since the early wake up… The snack was more than welcome!)




We got three bureks (or Böreks, same thing, apparently), a Turkish pastry roll with different fillings. We got one filled with chicken, one with beef and one with cheese and spinach (see photo above). Just the energy we needed to keep going…




Next stop (after a 40 minutes walk) was the Royal Botanical Gardens… I love free outdoor visits like this one. And if you are into nature, you won’t be disappointed. First of all, it is simply amazing to find such a large park so close to the sky scrappers.




We spent several hours enjoying the nice weather and the soothing green therapy (considering that Montréal is presently burried under a recent 30++ centimeters of snow). Quite honestly, we could have easily spent a couple more, but we wanted to catch ”My kitchen rules – Australia” live after visiting Coles again to have something to eat for dinner.

Here are juste a couple of shots taken along our walk.














Now back to our 28th floor apartment, with a couple more blisters on my feet, and a stomach full of lasagna, I am getting ready to go to sleep….




Full moon night night from Melbourne, Lovelies!





6 thoughts on “Leaving the rain behind…

  1. I hope you are going to check out the cafe ‘Brunetti’ and the other fantastic restaurants on Lygon Street. And the free city loop tram on one of the stops is fun. There used to be a fun interactive art place if that is your thing. And there is always St Kilda beach if it is hot. Melbourne is my favourite Australian city! Enjoy!


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