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Summer Scenes… Cee’s FFC

When I saw that Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge theme was “Summer Scenes” this week, I thought that I should give you a break from all the snowy pictures and videos I’ve been posting lately….

So here are some of my more summery shots along the past four years.



Den Gamle By in Aarhus, Denmark



The Old Port and its big Wheel, Montréal, Canada.



Superkilen Park, Copenhagen, Denmark



Dandelions in the sunset at work, Montréal, Canada.

15 thoughts on “Summer Scenes… Cee’s FFC

  1. Hi Sis! I can see why you like Denmark so much! You are rapidly making me a Dane-o-phile. (I think that’s a word.)

    But Montreal is certainly beautiful too! Does that make me a Canada-o-phile? Canadiaphile?

    I’m not sure what the word is, but I love Canada! I hope to see it someday.

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    1. Dear Biff, you couldn’t make me a happier sister 😉 Converting people to Denmark is one of the best feelings ever! And though my love for the big little country is not even measurable, Canada comes in good second! I hope someday I can have a chance to give you a private tour here in Québec. I really wish you to visit my home country, it is beautiful from coast to coast 🙂 *Big hugs*

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      1. I’m glad I was able to make you happy. 🙂 Converting me to Denmark is not that difficult. The part of Texas I live in is so flat and featureless and the culture somewhat bland, that Denmark looks like like a Disney princess movie in comparison! I would love to go there someday. And if I ever win the lottery, it would definitely be on my top ten list of places I would consider moving to.

        But Canada is currently number one on the list. 🙂



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