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Cyranny’s Jukebox…



Last Sunday, I was trapped into watching ”Coyote Ugly” again. TV does that to me every once in a while… I’m just chilling, minding my own business, and suddenly I fall on one of these movies I’ve already seen one too many times. And although there is absolutely no doubt there is something more interesting playing, I end up watching it until the credits…

I don’t even know why ”Coyote Ugly” is one of these movies. I don’t know why I like it. I shouldn’t like it. Two hours of watching amazingly gorgeous chicks dancing on a bar, hardcore wet-t-shirting for the drewling crowd, making tons of money out of it? Yeah, not really my type.

Or maybe it’s the corny ”love” story underlying? Poor, poor Violet, who wouldn’t pity you? With your nymphet silhouette, and your cute face, let alone your talent to write, compose and perform your own songs… You’re really having it rough.

Perhaps, I might watch this movie just out of unassumed jealousy.Β  Maybe it just makes me dream about a movie of my own, in which I’d be much prettier, and much fitter… And I’d runaway to live in a little Danish town, spending my days working at the local Inn, and writing all night long, in secret, too shy to reveal my mind blowing prose to the world. And then, a Mads-like Viking would fall head over heals in love with me over a glass of akvavit. And I’d end up sharing snippets of my writings, during pillow talk. Of course, he’d be blown away by my tremendous talent, and he’d trick me into publishing a story or two, that would obviously be an instant success.

But who’d watch that, uh?

Anyway… One thing I know I like about the movie (”Coyote Ugly” not my personal remake) is the soundtrack. I like the music, especially the LeAnn Rimes tunes. The following song has been on my mind since Sunday. I hope this will help you wash away all the above useless ramblings about ”Coyote Ugly” (and my remake, which might have a LeAnn Rimes’ song in its soundtrack too!)



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