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Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra

Oh my, oh my, oh my!! (can you tell how febrile I am??)

If you’ve been a regular of The Cove for some time now, you might remember my (almost) constant dueling with Jason from Harsh Reality. OM’s blog name has changed to A Good Blog is Hard to Find, but its host is still the same, and I secretly hoped this would happen, and that he couldn’t resist provoking me in yet another picture battle!

Jason is a sly guy, to say the least. He used to post pictures that I could pretty easily mimick in the poorest ways. But the man obviously knew that if we were to fight again, he’d have to make it a real challenge, this time!

Touché, my friend!

After all, this is our 20th battle! Which shows that not only is OM a brilliant and funny man… But he is also amazingly patient (I can’t believe you haven’t black listed me yet, Jason! LOL)

(If you want to understand the following, I highly recommend reading this first)


So… When I first saw the picture I thought that I just couldn’t compete this time. Where would I find real gold on such short notice?? I have bought drinks and snacks to come back at Jason a couple of times, but I sure wasn’t going to buy gold, just to make my point! Or was I…? No, of course not!

Stealing wasn’t an option either, especially given the fact that I am at work. Stealing gold from co-workers is very much frowned upon at the office, and I certainly didn’t need more drama at the job.

I thought about folding a bit of foil paper and using a black & white filter on the picture. But I am no cheater. When I get into battle mode, I do it with conviction and honesty. I was a bit into a cul de sac.

After a little thinking, I had an epiphany! Silly me! I was wearing gold around my neck, and it covered the two themes of OM’s post: “gold” and “not as big as expected”.

So here’s my take:




As you might have guessed, this is a shark tooth pendant. And yes, it’s real, and I have seen the shark that was around the tooth, when the fishermen brought it back to shore. It was a badass shark, but I was given a baby tooth, because it looked more delicate around a girl’s neck! I still think it is pretty fierce, though.

So there you go, OM!

Untill next time…

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