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Special… – FFFC




She had soon noticed that her child was special. Very early in her life, Lara had shown a different temper and a way to behave that was miles away from the other kids.

For one thing, Lara had never been a cuddling baby.  She didn’t enjoy being held for a long time. Growing up, the little girl didn’t seek the company of other children and even if she could easily speak, she prefered wrapping herself in endless hours of silence.

When the doctors had put a name on Lara’s condition, she had first felt like they both had received a fatal sentence. Would she bring up a child who’d never be able to bond with her? How sad an idea… She had wanted to be a mother for so long.

She wanted to be a good mother. Not just a provider.

She loved Lara unconditionnally, and from a distance, respecting her special world. She never gave up, and constantly stayed on the look out to catch what would make her face light up.

Simple, little things. Like soap bubbles… For some reason, the flying bubbles never failed to bring the little girl out of her natural pensive state. She could watch her mother blow them in the living room, or in their backyard for hours, giggling and running around, greeting her with a smile from ear to ear.

Pulling the kit from her backpack, she got prepared as Lara stared blankly beside her on the park bench. She dipped the end of the stick in the liquid, and playing with the string, she turned to her daughter.

Look, Honey!

Swinging the stick above Lara’s head, a huge soap bubble formed in the air.

Oh… Mommy, wow!!

She didn’t want ”normality” for her daughter. But she sure wanted happiness!


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge




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