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Coitus interruptus…


You might have noticed that I have been quite silent the last two days.

I have gone for an overnight trip to Québec City, mainly for an event I have mentionned in previous posts. Chéri, J and I had super good passes for Imagine Dragons’ show at Québec’s Summer Festival.

Québec City is a long three hours trip from Montréal. We rode early, Saturday morning, to enjoy the day in the capital.

I’ll probably prepare a post about our day in Québec City, with the many pictures I took. But for now, let’s fast-forward to the evening, at the festival.

Around 7h30 PM, we were on site, and the sky was cloudless. There were two shows before the main presentation. The Kongos (A South African band, now based in Phoenix, Arizona.) and Bishop Briggs (A Brittish singer.) Both were good, but I knew there were warnings of violent thunder storms for the late evening, and I couldn’t wait for their turn to end.

The Abraham Plains are probably the largest outdoor site for live shows, at least in Québec. With a capacity of a little over 100 000 people, a real sea of people had gathered to see the Dragons.

I was absolutely febrile.

When all the lights went out, fifteen minutes before schedule, I felt we were in trouble. If you’ve ever been to a live show before, you know that they usually start late, rather than before set time.

At the moment that Dan Reynolds appeared on stage, my brain abandonned me! The crowd was pumped, the music was great, and although rain started falling seconds after the first chords, I was dancing and singing along, as if I was alone. ”Believer” finished in an unexpected downpour. We were soaked from head to toe. But Dan assured us we’d have the greatest show, and the crowd cheered altogether.

”It’s time” was next, but from the corner of my eye, I could see some lightnings striking above the city. That was bad. After just two songs, Dan Reynolds announced that people from the festival had asked them to stop playing. They at least had to wait for ten minutes, to see if the storm was moving towards us.

The singer announced that he would spend these ten minutes with us, and I thought he would sit on the stage, and give us a little speach, but he ran down and into the crowd, high-fiving everyone on his way. Being very close to the stage, I had the chance to see him run just a couple of feet away.

After this improvised little encounter with the fans, under the pouring rain, he disappeard backstage.

Shortly after, a message appeared on the two extra large screens, and we heard a loud warning that the site needed to be evacuated. Strong winds had started blowing (we learnt, once back at our rented apartment, that they were of over ninety km per hour) and the storm was roaming.

We exited blindly, following the flow of people.

It took us over an hour to walk back ”home”. With only a two songs long show to remember.

I was (am) so disappointed. The guys were great, even better than I had expected. This was (is) frustrating.

They promised to come back, though.

And I will be there.




So… That’s why I have been silent. But I’ll be catching up tonight and tomorrow morning!

17 thoughts on “Coitus interruptus…

  1. That would be so incredibly disappointing! I love Imagine Dragons. Having the weather reign on my parade of the show would be sad! I hope that they reschedule soon

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    1. It was terribly disappointing… I would have teared up, if the weather hadn’t been so violent. I’ll be on the lookout for a new date with Dan & the guys 😉 Have you ever seen them live?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. From the short time it lasted, it was indeed epic! Here’s a short video that the Festival has put up after Saturday’s show… I think it is quite impressive to see the sea of people!


    1. We had an awesome day in Québec City… The weather was absolutely lovely, and we had tons of fun, so we weren’t disappointed by our weekend, in the end 🙂 And on the plus side, this is a show I’ll always remember the whole set list LOL

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    1. It was indeed getting dangerous. And I was disappointed, but we totally understood the need to evacuate…. And as I told J, we had the chance to see that Dan Reynolds was a genuine good Jack! His little run in the crowd was totally improvised, and the audience really appreciated the gesture.


    1. I have a feeling the next show will be indoors… Which is a shame, because the sea of about 100 000 was very impressive to be a part of. But at least, we’ll be sure they make it to the encore! LOL

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