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Recently, I sat, wondering what was the funniest thing I ever watched… That’s a hard thing to decide, after four decades. I like comedy in general, and I have seen my share of funny things.

But one movie kept standing out, and after much thinking, I think I can finally give it the gold medal for good laughing to:


Monty Python and the Holy Grail


The movie was created before I was born, but (like me) it’s not getting old. The first time I watched it, I didn’t even speak English. A friend of mine told me “You have to see this!” But I am slightly allergic to being told “I have to” so he basically had to force me to watch it, and I couldn’t thank him enough for it.

I honestly couldn’t say how many times I have watched The Holy Grail. It is a bit of a Where’s Waldo movie, filled with so many subtle details that every viewing has at least one “Oh, I hadn’t noticed that!” moment.

I love everything about the 1975 classic. The characters, the visual, the countless puns, the absurd humor, the intended low budget kick to it…. I feel like many of you are nodding in front of your screen, remembering the Knights Who Say Ni, the Killer Rabbit, and Tim (?).

If you’ve never watched it, I strongly recommend giving it a try… Sit back, unplug your brain, and let yourself be entertained!

Loosely knitted around King Arthur’s legend, the caricatured knights go on their journey, seeking the Holy Grail. Epic absurd adventures follow… And the silliness slowly builds up, towards a not so deceiving as you’d expect it to feel, ending!

A masterpiece of hilarious absurdity. I can only bow before the amount of work that must have been necessary to end up with this ode to “Silly”.



If you have seen it, (and liked it… of course!) please leave your favorite quotes in the comments…  I know, there are tons to choose from! Hehehehe.


13 thoughts on “Holy…

  1. “Oh, what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say ‘ni’ at will to old ladies. There is a pestilence upon this land. Nothing is sacred. Even those who arrange and design shrubberies are under considerable economic stress at this period in history.” I have the entire movie memorized! LOL

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    1. It amazes me how much I know of the dialogues… Every line is brilliant. (”Are you suggesting that coconuts migrate??” LOOOOL) and I think the only two movies I know as well are Ghost Busters (because I lived in Africa, back then, and there was no cable tv or internet… So my brother and I watched it countless times), and Benny & Joon, when I fell in love with Johnny Depp 😉


  2. “That’s no ordinary bunny! It’s a man eater!”
    “You Must Cut Down the tallest tree in the forest with……A HERRING!”
    “It’s merely a flesh wound.”
    “I fart in your general direction!”

    Awesome, awesome movie! Top-10, for sure. 😃

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  3. Absolute classic!! I wish so much they would make movies like that all over again… Super silly, and snarky! Loved that film.
    One of my fav’s is “Young Frankenstein” with Gene Wilder. OMG! As well at “The Jerk” with Steve Martin. “He hate’s these cans!”
    Some moves just can’t grow old, I can watch them over and over, and always find something else silly about them.

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    1. I’ll have to check out ”The Jerk”… Steve Martin is one of my fav American actors. He’s so funny 🙂 Ever seen ”The Man with Two Brains”? A classic of my childhood 🙂 🙂 🙂


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