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Cyranny’s quickie!




Do technology advancements sometimes scare you?




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28 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Our new car has an option that warns us if we deviate from the road (!!?!) Whuuut?? Isn’t that the very basic thing people should learn about, when being taught how to drive: STAY ON THE ROAD? I guess more and more people won’t worry about it anymore, because, hey! Their care will tell them if they are about to crash the opposite lane. *ugh*

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    1. Very good point, Cheryl… I think that’s sometimes the problem with us, humans. We ARE very creative and intelligent, but we tend to use our brains to entertain ourselves rather than solve problems…


      1. Believe Nothing You Hear, and Only One Half That You See. Dear Quote Investigator: The following hyperbolic proverb encouraging skepticism has been credited to the master of mystery and the macabre Edgar Allan Poe: Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.

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    1. Most of the things that scare me, about technology, are car related… Engines stopping automatically if you walk far enough from it with your key in your pocket (Couldn’t is stop it on the highway, if it suddenly didn’t detect said key anymore??) or worse, cars driving themselves (My brain just can’t trust a computer that much!)…

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  1. Yep, it worries me that monkey;s generation is going to be too dependable on them for everything.

    The mere fact of something coming to £4.05 and you give a fiver to the shop assistant, let them put in £5 and then go, hang on I have 5p here and watch their minds blow as they try and figure it out

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    1. I have a feeling the ”Survivor” style tv shows will get more and more interesting as years go by… Twenty years from now, they’ll drop a bunch of people on a remote island, and just give them the clue that they should start by making fire, to boil their water, cook food, and keep them warm, and they’ll go ”what’s fire??” 😛

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    1. Oh great, there went the last piece of gullibility left in me, down the drain! Thank you for sharing, this is interesting, though terribly disturbing…

      I was already annoying with people trying to convince me with videos from YouTube, saying ”See? It IS online!” I already doubted a lot of online ”evidence”… Now, I’ll doubt everything.

      Everything. *Ugh* 😛

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