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If you came to Montréal… (13)


If you were really lucky, you might get to spend the day with both yours truly and J. I think I am fun to hang around with, but when we are together, just anything can happen. Our mental age drops, and we become two little girls constantly daring each other. Only now, we have real money in our wallets, and no parents to look over us!

So, where do two kids go? I’ll tell you…

Obviously somewhere where you can find junkfood, knick knack boutiques, a circus and a big*ss big wheel.

So that’s just what we did!




I’ve already talked a couple of times about the Old Port’s selection of foodtrucks. Yesterday, we set our minds on Maison Smokies because we only wanted a light lunch, and didn’t feel like fancy foie gras poutine, or anything like it.

We ordered our loot, found a free spot of nice grass in the shade, sat down, and did a hot dog ”cheers” over our order of ketchup-covered fries.




We spent about an hour (maybe more), talking about any and everything. Mostly just sitting back, and telling ourselves how good life was, that very moment.




There apparently was some sort of Nouvelle France reconstitution that day, and there was a lot of (fake) canon shooting going on. Shortly after, a division of soldiers with muskets passed by us, and my only thought was ”Oh poor guys! These costumes looked so warm to wear on this cloudless day!..




I think the three things people all around the world think of, when they think of Québec, are Céline Dion, mapple syrup and… Cirque du Soleil! I am not a big circus fan myself, but I can’t not be proud that the best circus company in the world is the work of a guy from here. And it is always impressive to see the big tent waiting for the evening’s crowd.




Shopping for knick knacks was our next stop. Of course, when I spotted this stand, I couldn’t help looking for a specific one… I’ll let you guess, but let’s just say that it is on the top row, and Algeria is doing a poor job trying to hide it!




Ahhhh… Montréal’s big wheel. The biggest in Canada, standing 60 meters high. We had thought about trying it many times, but for some reason we were keeping it for later each time. Probably because yesterday was the ideal moment.

For 25$, you get to enjoy the best views of Montréal in a comfortable air conditionned cabin.  And even if you are trapped with two perfect strangers afraid of heights (some people are such masochists), it doesn’t mean you have to be serious!



Now, just before we got in the big wheel, we were asked to stand in front of a green screen to take a picture. Green screen. I told J I bet her 10$ she would look like trunk woman on the picture… And we both burst out in laughter.

Now back to the view…



Cirque du Soleil, from above.



Terrasses Bonsecours



Remember these pyramids, on the right.











This little thing is Moinette. Moinette was bought in Copenhagen, last May by moi, for J. The peacock plush made several appearances, throughout the day… And yes, we are both in our our fourties. I mean, me and J, not Moinette!

The pyramids we had seen from up in the sky intrigued us, and they were our obvious next stop.

It so happens that the pyramids are in fact a nomadic show room hosting Guy Laliberté’s (founder of Cirque du Soleil) new show: Through the Echoes.

This was a wild guess. We didn’t know anything about the show, and we just thought ”why not?”

First odd thing, you are welcomed in the heart of the big pyramid, and invited to lie somewhere on the ground (big cushions are lent, for your comfort). There are a couple of seats available, but I recommend lying, the experience is much more intense.




The introduction says something like ”This is your own experience, and we’re going to live it all together!” And I remember telling myself that was very weird.

Through the Echoes is a multi media show that slowly tickles all your senses… The 360 degrees theater quickly gets bombarded with projections, lazers beams, lights of all kinds. The music is very eclectic, but mixed with the images, and the vibrations coming from the gound, the experience made me feel like I was meditating.

There is a scarce narration from Alan Watts, that is just enough to guide your thoughts, along the different tableaux. All the themes blend into each other, the four elements, the seasons, the contrast between man and machines, the universe…

I like J’s description of it, afterwards. She said it was like an hour long fireworks on drugs! LOL

It is definately more of an experience than an actual show. And I loved it! If you ever get the chance, try it… It is really worth the bucks spent!









Back to reality, it was time to fill our hungry bellies… And we knew just where we were going to to. Again, it is not the first time I mention le Jardin Nelson. Eating in the middle of this beautiful garden is already enough a reason to choose the place, but the jazz quartet and (of course) the delicious food make it my favorite restaurant in Montréal.








J, still hesitating about her final choice of dish… I can’t blame her!



Port sangria, only half a pitcher, because we’re still reasonable!



Brushetta for two (that bread was to die for!)



Dinner served!


For me, confit duck crepe (Savoury batter, duck, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, with a creamy leek, cranberry and orange sauce) Yuuuuuuuum!

For J, duck leg confit with salad. She loooved it!


So, that’s about it… What do you say? Next time you are in town, would you like to come out and play with us?



26 thoughts on “If you came to Montréal… (13)

    1. That’s really cool! I have never been to British Columbia myself, yet. I am so glad you enjoyed your stay! Oh, and make sure to let me know if you ever visit Québec, I’d love to meet, and help you have the greatest time!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will definitely let you know!! Would be awesome to meet you. My husband and I would love to just spend our time traveling but we haven’t found anyone to fund it for us! LOL!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. We would have had fun on a rainy day, so having such great weather just made the day absolutely perfect! And it would be amazing to have the chance to give you a private tour, someday… Let’s put that on our bucket list, if I win the lottery at long last! 😉 xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Here’s the weird thing. We sat down at lunch (in Hong Kong) today trying to figure out how to get to Vancouver by Thursday (these things should be simple, I know, but sometimes they are not) and somebody had the idea of flying to Montreal tomorrow and then driving. It was me who put a sword in the plan … but for a moment or two it might have been …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am nowhere near as experienced as you are, traveling-wise, but this seems like an awefully long detour to get from point A to point B! It would have been a pleasure to at least know you were in town, but I think it was a wise move to use your veto.


  2. Had dinner tonight with my son at Bistro Absinthe in Vancouver. It was one of those very ordinary experiences that are also very special.
    It’s not Montreal, to be sure, but I think we observed the spirit of your post, nonetheless.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to just ”live” here in Montréal… But blogging has made me appreciate the city more. I now try to look at it with a foreigner’s eyes, and that’s a lot of fun 🙂 It was indeed a perfect day, I am glad you enjoyed the little tour! Have you ever visited Montréal, Darlene?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I was there for a multicultural conference a few years ago and love dit. We had an afternoon to take a bus tour so I got to see more of the city. We also snuck out one afternoon and did some shopping which was awesome. The food was excellent as was the ambience. It felt very European. I have lived in Calgary and Vancouver, both great places but quite different from Montreal. xo


    1. Thank you, Candace 🙂 I am so glad you enjoyed this… Oh! I can’t say when now, but soon, I’ll be starting a new series inspired by you… I’ll link you in when I do 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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