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No use…


”It is no use,
Don’t bother”, she said
Already blurry
Wrapped in the evening
Dodging every bullet
With the grace of her
Unconditional forgiveness.
Love bled on her lips
A crimson kiss
For the haunted…

”It is no use,
Not anymore”, she said.
If even the wisest could
Ignore the white flags
Knotted in her black braids.
She couldn’t care
Their accordion lies
Clinging in the smoky air.

How can you
Revel in victory, when
You don’t even know
The sweet taste of
You stand tall, mocking
What your eye sees
As weak. But I,
Who seeks no war
Will be the blister on your heel.
Solemn promise
Painful reminder
With every step you take further…

If you are willing to lose so much
Just to win..
”It is no use”, she said.
”No use fighting”.

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