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Welcome to Freezingland! Part 2


Freezingland is a quite lovely place to spend Winter in.

If you like snow, more snow and a little snow on top of it, freezing temperatures and blow-you-off-your-feet winds, that is. I don’t mind all of this, as long as I have a warm blanket waiting for me at home at the end of the day!

But there is one thing that really can ruin the charm of a Freezingland evening/night.

Big time.

See, when the city is ready to pick up the snow or ice that remains on the side of the streets, workers have to make sure all cars are out of the way. And even if they put up big bright orange signs everywhere, telling people that parking is forbidden, there are always idiots who leave their vehicules along the sidewalk.

And that’s when they show up. The tow trucks from Hell!

Tow trucks from Hell, have these incredibly loud and annoying horns that every Montrealer knows all too well.  And they go about the streets, at a ridiculy low speed, making sure they are as much a disturbance as they possibly can! They seek illegally parked cars and when they find one…

Oh man!

They stop behind it and make sure the entire neighbourhood is made aware that they caught the villain.

I think it is nice to give the car owner the chance to come out and move it. But why, oh why rampage about, drive around the block, annoy everybody a second time, leave for a while and then give it a third round, before finally towing the car??

I say, come once, warn the terrible outlaw, and if they don’t come out of their houses running, tow the dang car! There are signs saying you shouldn’t be parked there.

I’ve been meaning to catch the tow trucks from Hell for a while now, but they are sneaky, and always caught me unprepared (often during my sleep, when, to be frank, I am not too keen on running to the window with my cell phone, recording the scene).

Until tonight.

Lovely Ladies, and lovely Gentlemen… The tow trucks from Hell! (well, one of them)



13 thoughts on “Welcome to Freezingland! Part 2

      1. Where we lived in the city, they’d do the same for street cleaning periodically. Inevitably, some dipshit would get towed, despite the signs posted every 100 ft…for at least a week ahead of time… One in every crowd. 🤨

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      2. Yup, dang them! I must say, we were lucky tonight… this (what I filmed was the third round of annoyance) happened around 9 pm. But due to traffic, they usually do these snow/ice picking interventions after midnight… Ugh!

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    1. it is my name for Canada that the lovely Cyranny started using herself…I think it was the extreme laughter from reading it for the first time that made her start using it.

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  1. Actually that’s not a bad noise. I hate unregular noises or noises where there should be noises, but in the same breath, strangely enough that is a noise l could fall asleep listening to 🙂


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