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This will be short, because I am at work and don’t have much time… But I just can’t let this pass by without lifting a finger.

If you are a regular of The Cove, you know I never take the subject of suicide lightly.


Melanie B Cee has published a rather somber post, this morning. She confirmed that her dear Huny has been put to sleep. In her post, she mentions how she wishes to follow Huny and all her beloved that have passed away.

I am worried.

If you read this and are close to Melanie, please get in touch with me. I tried to contact her, but I didn’t get any reply yet. If you are, or know someone who could try to reach her more directly (by giving her a phone call, or paying a visit to her house), please let me know…




23 thoughts on “Help!

      1. I have seen her posts and I her last one had comments disabled. This is not looking good at all. I have even seen that she nominated me for an award a couple of days ago! I didn’t see it at the time. I wish I had. I’ll just pray. That’s all I can do.

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      2. It is already a lot, thank you for her! I am trying to think about what could be done with the little information we have about her…. I’ll keep you posted if there is anything new….

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    1. The comment box is not available on that post, which worried me a lot… I’ll keep you all posted if I get news, unfortunately I don’t even know in which city she lives… Can’t do much but hope that someone that knows her personally sees this, and send our best thoughts!!

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      1. Thank you, Lori! I am just doing what feels right… Unfortunately, it is not much… I sent Melanie a second email, but I didn’t get any news yet. I hate to think that she is suffering by herself. I really hope we get a hint that she is ok (given the circumstances)… Thank you for the good thoughts! xx


  1. I’m not a follower of her blog, but I too, tried to leave a comment. My prayers will have to do. I agree that her post was very concerning. So nice that you reached out to ask for support for her.

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  2. Thank you all for being concerned about my dear friend, Melanie. She lives three doors down from me. I am pet mom to Taco, Huny’s chihuahua friend who stays with Melanie sometimes when we are out of town. My adult son and I were with them at the vet when Huny crossed over.

    This was Melanie’s last fur baby to be with her in physical form, and her heart is going to hurt for a long time. I am aware of Melanie’s comments in her blog posts, and I have offered to let her stay with me if she doesn’t want to be alone. I can feed her, and I can love her, and I can “sit with her in the sh*t.”

    My family is looking out for her. It sounds like she has friends around the world who are looking out for her too.

    Bless you all,

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    1. Rachel, you have made my day!!

      I am so glad to see that someone is taking care of Melanie! I was very worried all day, and I know that many of us bloggers will let a big sigh of relief out, knowing that she can rely on you!! 🙂

      Let her know that we’ll patiently wait for her come back, when she is ready to blog again, and that we send her lots of love 🙂

      *big hugs* to you and your son!

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    2. I am also relieved that she has someone nearby. I know that Melanie sometimes turns comments off when she is feeling particularly low. I happened to see the post within minutes of it going live so I emailed her via her profile. I did feel really concerned about her so I was very glad to find she is not alone.


  3. Just reading this now. I don’t personally know Melanie but I am relieved to hear she has friends close by. I stumble upon rando blogs and find myself getting concerned for the ones that are struggling. The world can be a cruel place to so many – it is wonderful when the bloggers look out for each other. Cyranny you are an angel.


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