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Tonight was movie night!

Last September, a tiny movie theater opened here, in Montréal. Cinéma Moderne is dedicated to presenting original version of movies from around the world.

I had been waiting to go see Border, a Swedish fantasy film. I was curious, and though the very mysterious trailer didn’t give out much about the movie’s plot, I didn’t expect to be this surprised!

I can’t write a detailed summary of the story, because it would totally spoil the pleasure of letting the tale unfold, if you ever get the chance to watch it. But to tell you the gist of the film, Tina, a woman with an odd physique, works as a custom agent at Sweden’s border.

Gifted with a strangely accute sense of smell, Tina can smell people’s emotions. Living in a secluded house in the woods, she has a special bond with nature and prefers the company of wild animals to that of humans. Until she meets Vore at the border, as he enters the country. She smells that the man is keeping secrets, and feels a weird attraction for him.

After a second chance encounter at the border, Tina offers Vore a guest house on her property. Follows a blurry, yet passionate romantic journey for the two peculiar characters. Finally faced to someone who seems to fit and understand her, Tina finds out that her life has been built on a mountain of lies. With Vore’s help, she unravels the mysteries of her story, digging out more questions than answers. The line becomes thinner and thinner between right and wrong, love and hate, as Tina discovers the truth.

Border is not only a beautifully told fairy tale, witfully playing with Swedish folklore. It is also a deep reflexion on Tina’s quest for her true identity, and how far she is willing to go to be her true self.

I recommend it, unless you are looking for a straight forward story. Border is like a puzzle, and you have to put the pieces together yourself. But it is totally worth it!

If you get the chance, give it a try. It is a surreal ode to the best and the worst sides of human nature.



8 thoughts on “Border…

    1. It is really worth watching, if you like non Hollywood-generic movies 😉 I usually am not a big fan of the fantasy genre, but the very slight touches in Border make fantasy almost believable 😉 Let me know if you get to watch it!

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    1. Let me know what you thought about it, if you two watch it 🙂 One thing’s for sure, I’ll never see the Scandinavian customs the same way anymore LOL Oh! Oh! Oh! this week I am also going to go see Arctic with Mads!! It is not in Danish, but he is perfect no matter what 😛

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