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The big one…

The weather people had been warning us for about a week. This one was going to be a big one. Possibly this winter’s biggest.

Snow storm, that is.

I don’t believe weather people. I am sure they are nice ladies and gentlemen, but they seem to be making their previsions using a good ol’ Magic 8-Ball. This time, though, they were half right. It did snow a good deal. We got something between 35 and 40 cm (13 to 15 inches) of the white stuff.

A big storm… Meh, not that big. But definately this winter’s biggest so far!








24 thoughts on “The big one…

      1. Mouahahahaha yes! Definately! Does it work with kids? The only threats I could think of, having only a cat, were “taking away her treats” and “threatening to shave her”… I doubt either would work! 😛

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      2. Hahaha! Taking devices is the new punishment, yes. They hate that! As for your cat, threatening them is pointless, and could lead to them leaving a little gift in the middle of your bed. Caveat emptor on that one. 😃


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