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I didn’t forget…



Just a short note to a couple of you, dear Lovelies.

If you are a regular in The Cove, you might know that at the beginning of January, I sent a series of cards to some of you to share my warm wishes for the new year.

What I didn’t think about, was that these cards would be delivered everywhere at once, and the “thank you” notes would start flowing back in my email inbox, and in my comments one after the other.

I didn’t want to send a rushed empty “you’re welcome” note back to each one of you, because you all left such nice thoughts upon the arrival of your card. But the last week has been very busy, and I still haven’t had time to get back to you.

So just know that it is my priority for the next days!

And in the meanwhile, I just want to say that it was a great pleasure to sit and write down my thoughts, and send them to you all. I appreciate the trust you’ve put in me, by providing me with your home adress. In 2019, you never know what kind of psycho could be asking for personal information, and I am glad that we could connect on a new level.

We bloggers, as a whole, are are jolly good gang. And you Lovelies are all special to me, and totally unique in your very own way!



Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge prompt: Unique

14 thoughts on “I didn’t forget…

  1. As you are to all of us, and I am still over the moon and back to be one of those lucky girls receiving your handwritten card. You have no idea. Thank you gorgeous, you forever touched my heart. You did well before the card but if there was ever a way to top that feeling, well you have found it. Warm wishes and much love right back to you. ❤️


      1. I think you think too much 😉 Words have a life of their own…. Sometimes, they throw themselves on paper without our permission. There is no need to worry, if they fit so well together 🙂


    1. I am glad it does, Joy 🙂 Even if emails, text messages and instant messaging is great, I think we are losing this sweet feeling of waiting for a letter to go from one home to another. I’m happy that you share that feeling 🙂 xx


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