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Looking back… Day 11.



At the beginning of January, the always kind and inspiring Stella, from Giggles & Tales, posted about The Saving Challenge.

In short, if you entered the challenge, you had to prepare two small boxes or jars. In the first one, you put a dollar every day, and in the second one you put 1$ at the beginning of the first week, 2$ for the second week, 3$ for the third, and so on.

I figured I could try it, thinking I would probably do it for a while, and eventually just forget to add money in my two Mason jars and call it a quit.

But I didn’t.

I also added a third jar, for loose change I dropped in every now and then. Altogether, I save quite a lot of money over the last year, and I am starting to wonder what I will do with it. Sure, I could just put it in my bank account, but I’d like to use it for something special. I did save it patiently, day by day, after all.

The obvious choice would be to plan a new trip to Vikingland. It is very tempting. I could also help people who need it more than I do… I just don’t know.

Do you have any idea? What would you do with an extra, little more than 1500$ to spend? Would you try the Saving Challenge in 2019, even if you had to do it on a smaller scale?

I’ll probably start it over on January 1st. I know I am lucky to be able to do it, but I did work hard to get there. And it is a fun way to save money!

Thanks for the idea, dear Stella!!


12 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 11.

  1. Personally, I would spend it on a massive lego set for Monkey.

    For you, I might be tempted to get an atlas, stick a pin in it and go to where the pin is. (Or just go with the Denmark idea) Or maybe, if you have a fav charity give a 3rd to that, save a 3rd for a trip, spend a 3rd on general stuff for yourself

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    1. Good idea, the 1/3 1/3 1/3 one…. I considered buying a shitload of Legos but I have a feeling I clearly wouldn’t enjoy them as much as Monkey 😛

      How about I book a plane ticket to UK, you prepare your balcony, and we use whatever’s left of the money for Lego for Monkey? 😉

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    1. Oh, I heard you, alright! Mouahahaha Cheri is aware that I’ve been piling cash all year long. I have a feeling he is expecting me to start planning a Spring trip… He knows I miss DK. We’ll see 🙂


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