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Showing some skin…


Because I heard it sells!

I thought, “Hey! Why not give people what they want, and boost my stats a little??” One little picture, from me to you all, as a pre-Christmas gift of some sort. I’m usually not really big on showing myself, but I figured if I didn’t include my face, I could make an exception.

I must admit, it was a little complicated taking a good shot by myself. I could have asked Cheri to take it for me, but I thought it would have been a little awkward. I can imagine him rolling his eyes and wondering why the dang I would post it for all to see??

It took some time to get the right angle. I hope you’ll appreciate the effort! Ready to see a little more of me? Here it is…






What’s with all the round eyes? Have you people never seen an elbow close up picture before? Oh, you thought…

Come on! I am not that kind of girl! You should know me better than that by now! I don’t show my face, I’m not going to show you my… Nope nope nope! Don’t even think about it!

Not going to happen!

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